Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Camera Gear ( Part Two )

I had been using Tachihara view cameras pretty well since I started shooting with large format view cameras, about twenty years, last year I decided that it was getting to the point where I needed a new camera, the Tachihara was starting to show its age and I wanted something a little newer, I looked around and I chose to buy an Ebony, although more expensive than the Tachihara, I thought the quality and fit and finish were well worth the extra money, I ended up with the entry level Ebony RW45, its a very well made camera, with Mahogany wood, and Titanium fittings, the focusing track is smooth and the various controls knobs all work with fine precision, I think its a wonderfully made camera.

For lenses I am using the compact Schneider 120mm f5.6 lens which I use for about 90 percent of my images, I also have a Schneider 300mm f5.6 lens which mainly use on my 8 x 10 I find its kinda big and chunky to use on my 4 x 5, instead I use the more compact Schneider 270 f 9 lens, its very sharp and it also covers my 8 x 10. The other lens that I like to use sometimes is a Rodenstock 180 mm f5.6 lens. I have one antique lens, an old brass "Beck" lens, it has no aperture blades, I had a machine shop make an adapter ring so I could mount it on a Copal 3 shutter.

For tripods, I have a Gitzo carbon fibre tripod and a couple of wood tripods, both types are good, although, the Gitzo is lighter to carry and I feel functions better while working in the field, there is no doubt in my mind though that the wood tripod looks a lot nicer.

The above picture was made at Florencia Bay, October 2009, Pacific Rim National Park, Ebony RW45 view camera, 120mm lens.

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