Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Camera Gear ( Part One )

I have recently made some changes in the camera gear that I use to make my photographs, so I thought I would write a few blog entries to let folks know out there what is inspiring me in terms of camera gear. First of although I don't think that camera gear is the be all and the end all of making a good photograph, I think good gear can help inspire in terms of a certain "karma" one feels while working with a nice camera, I think every artist has their favourite tools.

For the most part I use a 4 x 5 view camera for almost all of my work you see on this blog and on my website. This work is all done on my days off and holiday from my day job ( on my evil side, I am a newspaper photographer ) I know it sounds strange in this day and age of digital wonders, but I really like using the view camera, which uses film, and yes I have to process it and scan it, and despite the bulk, weight and clumsy operation of the camera, I love using it, one of the things that really appeals to me is looking at the my composed image on the ground glass screen, to me there is something very captivating about the image which seems like its a movie being played on the ground glass screen, I seems so simplistic and beautiful.

The above picture was taken in Canmore Alberta, September 2009, Ebony RW45 view camera, 270mm lens.

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