Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Beautiful View

Winter Olympics Art Day 17

This is the iconic and much photographed view of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park taken from the rock pile with my 8 x 10 view camera in September of 2006. Today marks the closing of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, there are so many remarkable stories that have unfolded in the past two weeks, from triumph to tragedy, the games could not have been scripted even by the most brilliant writer, all the drama of highs and lows which combined to make a memorable 2010 Winter Olympics. The Olympic winter games will now move onto Sochi Russia in 2014, good luck to all future competitors!

This will be my last post of my winter pictures during the course of the Vancouver Olympics which end today, I have enjoyed looking through my past work to find a picture to post each day, its the one area of my body of work that I don't have a lot of, winter scenics, looks like I will have to get out and find some more winter pictures !

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