Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Waters of Reflection

I found this large puddle of water on the trail to Mt. Manuel Quimper in the Sooke Hills, west of Victoria, B.C. on a recent visit to the area.


Howard Grill said...

Really beautiful image. I love photos where, at first, you don't know what side is up or down until you see a visual clue like the leaves.

Colin said...

Very beautiful and a great example of seeing what's there (although most people would have walked right by).

I bet it looks fantastic as a print, too.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks for your comments, Howard and Colin......actually at first I almost did walk right by but saw a potential for a nice photograph.....let me explain....... one day back in November I was on a hike to Mount Quimper in Sooke on Vancouver Island with my sister and niece and along an old road that leads to a trail going up the mountain I saw these deep dark puddles of water, black in color, as if it had endless depth, all I had with me was my little point and shoot digital camera, which was good for snapshots, but not to make a fine art print. I thought the subject matter was interesting enough to go back the next day with my 4 x 5 view camera which would make a better print, so I hiked back found the same series of puddles and photographed them, a little while after taking the photo, a parks truck drove through the puddles stirring them up, the wonderful black look was gone at least till the water settled back down again. I like finding these little quirky images, but it was the blackness of the water that caught my eye.