Friday, January 16, 2009

Waters of Reflection #2

Here is another image version of the same image from my previous post " Waters of Reflection", I got a couple of positive responses from Howard and Colin in which Colin mentioned that "some people might have walked right by" and as I posted in my response to their posts, I almost did walk right by, well I had my little point and shoot digital with me while on a hike with my sister and niece, so I passed by these very interesting, dark, murky, bottomless black holes of puddles and though there is an interesting picture(s) to be made here, so the next day I came back with my 4 x 5 view camera and a supply of black and white film and made some pictures for my self. I like making images of things that others might very well pass by, when ever I show these kinds images to people they always seem to find them interesting ( well not everyone ), when I hit that kind of mark, its a bulls eye and that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

On another note, I have lots of film scanning to keep me busy these days from photography I did in late November/December 2008. I took a trip to Vancouver Island where I was visiting family and of course photography for two weeks, I shot a 166 sheets of 4 x 5 film ( the new T-Max 400 ) which I edited down to about a 100 images to scan, then I will do a final edit as to what to print down the road. so far I have about 70 of those scans done. These past few days while I was at home here with the flu I thought I would get a large bulk of my scans done but it didn't turn out that way as I did not have the energy to remain focused, oh well, I'm better now. When those all of scans are done I will work at revising my website, which is due for an update, that is if I don't get side tracked with more photography, it has been foggy weather around the Okanagan Valley here lately and I am sure there are some interesting images to be found.

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eolake said...

I find I can use most of a comment I made on tOP:

"The picture ... has many elements which I love in photos: tones, textures. Lines. Tension. Different dimensions inside and behind one another. Reflections of elements from one part of the picture in another part. ... Good stuff."

I love reflections. They help to see the world with fresh eyes.