Friday, March 14, 2008

Wind Blown Grass by The Seashore

I made this image on a windy day at the beach in Niakoon Provincial Park Located on Graham Island, one of the Queen Charlotte Islands in September of 1993. It was a little challenging at times as the wind was quite strong and I was trying to not turn my view camera into a sail while mounted on the tripod !


lolly said...

Superb detail and sharpness, gary! Lovely shot. ;O)

Colin said...

Gary, how did you manage to get a shutter speed high enough to keep the grass sharp while still having an aperture small enough to get everything in focus?

Gary Nylander said...

As I recall I used a rear tilt , this helps get everything in focus from foreground to back ground, it takes a little fiddling, once set I only had to stop down to F16 or so, and I had a shutter speed of 1/250 sec , it was a while back ( 1993 ) so I am just guessing. F16 on a view camera isn't much depth of field it might be like F5.6 on a 35mm camera system.


Mark said...

Wonderful shot. A seemingly chaotic scene that has a sense of harmony to it.