Thursday, January 10, 2008

Art Becomes Water

I was asked by John Craig to comment to his posting on his blog, Craig Photography in which he asks, "How do you define, or better yet, how do you outline a conversation about art?" 

For me art is like water, it can be hard to hold in the palms of your hands but yet it exists, I was thinking about this because It just so happens a few days ago I had read an article in the newspaper about Bruce Lee, martial artist, philosopher, actor, he talked about how we are like water and how when water fills a vessel it becomes that object. That analogy of water becoming a created object or for that matter art is how I think art can best be best defined by us mere mortals, if that is makes any sense. For myself this idea of transforming ideas into art  becomes a common thread in my life where I take an idea or vision , transform it in my mind and make some kind of art which is for me are mostly photographs. The hopeful outcome of my work is that others viewing my images might find some appreciation of my vision, but that of course is strictly up to the viewer to decide whether it resonates with them. For myself I try to understand the language of art not by words but by being open, seeing and listening.  

The Image posted was taken at Spotted Lake in South Western B.C. with my 8 x 10 view camera and a 270 mm lens.


George Barr said...


haven't been by for a while and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your images again including some I hadn't seen before. A pleasure. Thanks


lolly said...

I like your 'vision', gary. This photo is just lovely; I particularly like the reflection of clouds in the large pond. Looks like a very interesting place. As for 'art', well, I will always maintain that it is a purely personal thing, refined by continual looking at artworks.