Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Updated Website

I have been busy this past week tapping away at the key board of this computer updating my website, its the old story, I was just going to add a few images to may site that I made in 2007 which should only take me a few hours, but then I thought I might as well give it a newer updated look as it has pretty well stayed the same for the past four year or so, forty hours later after I basically started from the ground up, I had my new site finished.

I am by no means a web designer by any stretch of the imagination and there are professionals out there who can do a far better job than what I could ever produce, but in order to get my work on the world wide web web I needed a website, I couldn't afford to have one made for me, so one day a few years ago I discovered that there were some features in my Photo Shop 7 program which came bundled with ImageReady and this allowed me to create, links, roll overs and save them as HTML documents ready for the web. I basically created my entire website using the Photoshop program using layers, then exported to ImageReady where I created the the rollovers and links, at the end of it all I had myself a website that looked semi-professional, or at least people seemed to say it looked all right and I was on the world wide web. ( ImageReady was only bundled with Photoshop till CS2, after that it was discontinued but parts of it live on in other Adobe programs. )

With my new site I still have just as many pictures, but I have 'stacked' the images in each gallery group, such as 'Landscapes', 'Still Life' and so forth, when in each gallery by moving your mouse's pointer over each link at the bottom of the page, 'IMAGE 1' , IMAGE 2 it will bring up a larger size version of each image seen in the thumbnails versions. I'm always a bit nervous when going 'live' with anything and although my site is a bit clunky and slow ( sorry about that ! ), I hope people enjoy it .


ilachina said...

Gorgeous! So that's what you've been up to...I've (along with many others I suspect) have missed your blog entries. Your new site looks very elegant. Nicely done.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks, Andrew, I appreciate your comments, besides the website I was also working on finishing up film images that I had scanned, believe it or not I scanned over 300 4 x 5 film images, from last year that kept me busy for a while !

Kim said...

your website looks great Gary !!!
I love black and white photography
and your collection is very impressive...very powerful portraits...
I will add your blog to new listings today :)

lolly said...

Hey, you've been a busy boy! I'm looking forward to browsing your new site and have no doubt there will be some stunning new images there that I haven't seen before. Comments to come... :~D

lolly said...

Hi Gary, I'm back from visiting your new website to comment...I like it, pure and simple! I don't find it slow at all, probably as I have fast broadband and a fast browser, Mozilla Firefox. And, yes, there are some truly beautiful images there I'd not seen before (on this occasion, I only looked in the Landscapes category).

Re scanning and the time it takes, I too am in the process currently of scanning in my Nikon SLR 35mm colour slides from a trip in late 2003, mainly landscapes. There are a few good shots in the bunch of around 360 slides.

Gary Nylander said...


Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my new site, I was just looking through some of the applications on my new Macbook and discovered iWeb, looks very interesting, my current website was built using photoshop and ImageReady, can be complicated at times with layers , links and rollovers, iWeb seems so much simpler , but first I will need to learn how to use it.

Good luck with your scanning !

lolly said...

Good luck with the iWeb stuff! Re my Nikon slides, Yes, I have uploaded a few shots onto vazaar and, I think, you'll be able to tell them apart from my regular compact digital images thereon. Will also put up a few on my blog with more detail on each that soon! Cheers!

PS: Have just bought a Nikon D80 body and should get that soon... looking forward to trying it out!