Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vancouver, through the lens of a Fuji X10

The Fuji X10 camera is a great walk about companion while I was visiting Vancouver, B.C. for a couple days while visiting friends, I had break from the rain and had some glorious sunshine mixed with a few clouds and I took that weather advantage to get out and see the city walking around the downtown area to the waterfront. I have to say that the little Fuji is a great camera for exactly this purpose, I'm not bogged down with a lot of camera gear and the camera is light and easy to carry, did I mention that the camera is capable of producing fantastic high quality images? in the right hands and with a good eye, a photographer can really make this camera produce some outstanding images, here is a selection of a few of my "snaps"…..also here is sosme of my other work click here: www.garynylander.com

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