Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Thumbs Up for the Fuji X10

I have given my Fuji X10 a Thumbs Up, literally, a Thumbs Up device from Match Technical Services that fits in the hot shoe of the camera. The Thumbs Up ( model EP-5S ) a unique little device that adds an extra grip where one's thumb rests on the back of the camera. The device is beautifully made of machined brass and comes in black or silver. I really like it on the Fuji X10 I think it works really well and gives the camera a "sure" grip, I wouldn't be without it.To see more of my work go to:


John Barclay said...

I own the x100 and am considering the x10 what does a view camera user think of it? I'm in love with the files from the x100 and totally understand the x10 is a different camera with a smaller sensor so not the same DOF etc, etc... I teach photography so I get the technical stuff... I'm just looking for a users opinion.. like what I see and read.

Gary Nylander said...

Hi John,

I am a view camera user, I think its a great camera. The camera is compact enough, for myself I wanted something the I could use in addition to my view camera while out on the trail, something I could carry in a coat pocket or over my shoulder.

1) I use it to help me "visualize" my subject as it has the about the same frame ratio as 4 x 5.

2) It comes in handy to record photos of places that might be worth going back to, either with video or stills.

3) In a pinch if I have run out of film or want to make a nice color image, I can make a decent 11 x 14 print, maybe not large format quality but still very good.

4) More info at my earlier post,