Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Matsaag ( Snow in Water )

Winter Olympics Art Day 5

There is an incredible number of names for snow (over 30) from the native peoples of Northern Canada including the Inuit, Avivilik and Igloolik languages, you can read them clicking "here". Myself I may not be able to describe the various kinds of snow with words but I can photograph it with my camera and to perhaps try and show what I see before me in my photographs.There is nothing finer than to be in the great Canadian outdoors after a fresh snow fall where the temperature is a reasonable minus 5 C to minus 15 C and finding a totally transformed landscape. For my picture today, I would describe this snow as being "Matsaag" ( snow in water ) this picture was made not far from my home in West Kelowna along a trail adjacent to Powers Creek in February of 2003. With the 2010 Winter Olympics currently on in Vancouver much of the snow that they have might be described as being "Masak" ( wet snow , saturated ) or perhaps "Aqiluqqaaq" ( fresh and soggy snow ).

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