Monday, February 15, 2010

Canada's Soaring Peaks

Winter Olympics Art Day 4

The high Rocky Mountain peaks that surround Lake Agnes in Banff National Park soar into the air as the weather clears from a late summer snow storm and like those stunning peaks, Canada's newest sports hero, Alexandre Bilodeau has also soared to new heights by winning our country's first gold medal in the men's freestyle moguls at Cypress Mountain on Sunday during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. This is quite the achievement for all Canadians as Alexandre's hot gold medal has also melted a very long time gold medal deep freeze by winning our first ever gold medal while hosting the Olympics on our own home soil. Congratulations to Alexandre, his family and team mates, all Canadians are so tremendously proud of you !

My posted picture was taken on a late summer day while tent camping in the Rockies in September of 1989. For nearly two week I had almost near perfect sunny weather with hardly a cloud in the sky, except for one miserable day. The previous night I could see the clouds lowering on the mountain peaks as a weather system was moving in, the next morning I woke up early and headed out to an area that was reasonably accessible and quite high up in terms of elevation (1800 meters) , I left my campsite at the Kicking Horse Camp ground and made my way to Lake Louise and then hiked up the 2.4 km long trail to the Lake Agnes Tea House, upon arrival I was not disappointed, the snow was so beautiful and the weather was starting to clear, I worked fast setting up my 4 x 5 view camera with a 120mm to make this image, by noon the snow had almost completely m


David said...

Gary, Wow! I'm really enjoying these everyday posts of outstanding photos! Superb stuff. Thank you - for both the quality and quantity.

I spent a couple weeks in the Canadian Rockies in late September last fall - my first trip to the region in 20+ years. I had hoped to capture something like your Agnes and Oesa gems. But, to my disappointment, the weather was clear the entire time, then the snow showed up the night before my return to Texas. Still, all in all, a great trip in an inspiring land. David

Gary Nylander said...


You are welcome and thank-you so very much for your comments, I appreciate the kind words, its my pleasure as a passionate artist to show case my beloved Canada !