Monday, March 30, 2009

Serenity at Chute Lake

Here is an image I made at Chute Lake back in the fall of 1995, a lot of the surrounding forest was burned in massive forest fire in 2003. The lake at an altitude of 4000 feet, is located beside the old historic Kettle Valley Railway north of Naramata in the southern Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada. Another stop of interest while at the lake is the Chute Lake Resort, here one can find some of the best tasting apple pie in the Okanagan Valley, and the antique store is not to be missed.


Howard Grill said...

Gary...I really like this photo...the contrast between the light and dark areas in the water really give it an abstract quality that draws you in!

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks, Howard, I appreciate your comments !

Markus Spring said...

A wonderful shot. What makes it working for me is beneath the fine distribution of black and white and the diagonal separation the direction of the reed that just repeats that separating line.