Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Art

There is a great article written by John Camp at The Online Photographer website about the monetization of artwork and also about fine art photographer, Ctein's print-subscription offer which sounds very interesting. I see myself in many of the words that John writes about. I have been fortune enough to have been able to have provided a living for myself using my creativity as a photographer at the Kelowna Courier newspaper in Kelowna , B.C. ( at least up until now, keeping my fingers crossed ) I am grateful for what I have. I have also pursued my own creative artistic vision during my time off and holidays making pictures of the local B.C. landscape, still life and people that inspire me because of the beauty I find in those subjects. As for my own experiences in selling my personal art work, it can be described as challenging, at one point I sold my work through a couple of galleries, including Sooke Harbour House, my experiences has shown me that selling one's creative results can be extremely difficult, last year I sold three prints, it would hardly be enough to live on, but it helps pay for a few of my supplies at least. I have always found it challenging as to just how to market my work. Perhaps some might think its not even necessary as one should be content with creating the work itself, and there is no doubt about that, but I wonder if I could not at least make enough money to perhaps pay for my supply costs and including equipment and travel costs, ( I know not easy to do in these tough economic times ) this would widen my scope of vision to see new places and expand my art work collection...... sorry I have rambled enough here, I am posting an image of myself, reflected in a pool of water while on a hike near Sooke, B.C. this past fall. This image was not taken with my usual view camera ! , but taken with my little Nikon P50 digital point and shoot camera.

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