Friday, February 20, 2009

Roadside Photography

Here is another image of hoarfrost covered trees that I made on a quiet country road about 4 km from my home in West Kelowna, B.C. I had gone out earlier in the day looking for hoarfrost covered trees, I thought of a likely spot in the hills above Peachland, B.C. that would be a good bet for some fine images. After arriving at the area and an hour of fruitless hiking around with my 8 x 10 camera and seeing the hoarfrost covered trees so tantalizing close, high up on the hills and finding no access trails along the steep hillside, I returned back to my car without making any photographs. While loading up my gear into my car I thought of another area in the hills above my home, so that is where I went, and it was full of examples like the picture posted, it was easy roadside photography, I didn't mind though as it was relaxing and easy on my back by not having to carry the big camera for long distances. I thought the hoarfrost covered trees was kinda neat to photograph, I enjoyed making these series of images. The image posted was made with my 8 x 10 Tachihara view camera and a 270mm lens, (Tri-x film).

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Larry D Hayden said...

Stumbled upon your blog from, I don't really know where, and I've enjoyed going through it the last couple of days when I get a break. Nice work in here and really nice to hear how you've managed to pursue something you obviously love. Look forward to more and some really nice images in the blog.