Sunday, September 14, 2008

Getting Side Tracked

There is always lots of interesting talk about whether photography is art, and I think that some images and photographers are absolutely in this category. I think that creating art is about making something that never existed before, if I see any subject that interests me whether it be a, tree, rock, water, the sky, people, an old building , what ever, I think to myself, "That's beautiful or strange or even ugly, I would like to make a picture of it ." What I find interesting is how many times when I Ieast expect it I start out making a picture of something and have this clear idea of what I think would make a great print, but somewhere along the line I get side tracked, as another subject in the same vicinity calls out to me to be photographed , sometimes these "other" images often turn out to be some my most interesting images from that particular day of shooting.

This image of Kinney Lake on the trail to Berg Lake in Mount Robson Provincial Park "found" me so took the image with my 4 x 5 view camera and a 120mm lens.


ilachina said...

Delicate, poetic, and just plain beautiful! A perfect example of how all the philosophizing and arguing back and forth with words (I'm thinking of the George Barr inspired discussion you saw) all goes out the window when the real thing presents itself...a gorgeous fine-art photograph. Sit back, relax, watch, and revel in its loveliness. Beautiful capture.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks, Andrew, I always appreciate your comments, and yes, George's discussion had inspired me,

Markus Spring said...

Gary, this image immediately caught my attention. I love the clear design here and the subtle tones in the b&w. Fine work!