Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Kind of Beauty

Summer is almost over and soon there will be scenes like this one in the coming fall and winter, but I love scenes like this, cold and stark, but earthly beautiful. I made this image while travelling back from Vancouver in February of this year, I had taken the longer route along Highway 3 back to Kelowna, the Hope Princeton Highway. I thought this was such a unique scene with the descending snow storm in the mountains behind and the broken Sunflower plant once tall and reaching for the sun, if one were to take the seeds from the plant head, then the seeds a new plant would grow which would reach for the sun on yet another summer day.


yz said...

I'm fond of all your images but this one is a kind of favourite. So touching.

chuck kimmerle said...

Very nice, Gary. A slightly dark divergence from your developed style. I can almost feel the resignation and loneliness as winter plods forth.