Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tower Point Arbutus

This is a lovely Arbutus tree at Tower Point part of Witty's Lagoon Regional Park on Vancouver in the Metchosin area. Image was made with a 4 x 5 view camera and a 120mm lens.


Howard Grill said...

I really like shots of bare trees, but I also find that they are really hard to make. Usually, when I am looking, I see apettern or design the branches make, but when I try to isolate that pattern find lots of small branches etc 'messing up' the pattern when I look through the viewfinder that I hadn't noticed before. This shot really isolates the branches. I think most people uninvolved with photographing don't realize how tough these type of images can be to make.

lolly smits said...

Christmas greetings to you, gary! Hope your day and holiday break are happy, fun-filled, joyous, spirited, friendly, full of egg nog to warm you and taking lots of beautiful snow pix in wonderful Canada.