Monday, November 26, 2007

A Tree of Life

I love photographing trees, I think they are just so magical and awe inspiring what ever the variety , this wonderful specimen is a gigantic Spruce tree near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island that I photographed this past September, I made the image with my 4 x 5 view camera and 120mm lens.


ilachina said...

What can I say except, "Gorgeous!" I can only imagine what it must look like as a large print hanging on the wall. As in one of my earlier comments, photos from your neck of the woods always bring back such fond memories for me of the exquisite variety of physical (and tonal) forms I remember from my days on Whidbey.

As for this particular, it reminded me of a lovely book I had intended getting a year or so back at Borders (but it was gone on my next visit): "Trees" by Sean Kernan. I may just have to look that up on Amazon...or just stay tuned for more tree from you! ;-) (Nice work, as always)

Gary Nylander said...


I always appreciate your thoughtful and well worded comments, thanks very much !

in the latest edition of LensWork, Photographer, Beth Moon has a wonderful feature on trees.

and the big. big trees like the one presented on my blog are getting harder to find.

Anonymous said...

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