Saturday, August 25, 2007

Inspiration from the Sky

I have always been inspired by the clouds that drift around in the sky ( I especially love dramatic cumulus clouds ) and because I like to shoot in black and white , I find that clouds can quite often add a nice tonal range in the high end of the gray scale. So when I want to be inspired I look up and see what nature has to offer, and if the clouds aren't what I was hoping for I try to broaden my vision and look at other picture possibilities that nature has to offer.

This is an image I made just outside of Merritt, B.C. at the Lundbom Commonage Reserve a few weeks back, I shot with my 4 x 5 and used a number 23a filer over my 120mm lens, I darken the sky down a fair bit in Photoshop, just as I would have done in my print darkroom from a few years ago.


ttomasso said...

nice inspiration indeed. I also love to get myself inspired from the sky, you can never find the same sky twice!
...and however it's not so obvious in such small image, I believe it's worth of carrying the field camera with you.

[jm.n] said...

My kind of scenery! Lovely!

Howard Grill said...

Beautiful image. Great clouds. I really like the way the light and dark of the sky are sort of transposed on the ground with the dark bottom left on the ground correlating with the top right sky and same with the light falling on the center ground.