Friday, February 23, 2007

Looking Back On Long Beach

On of the reason for having this blog is to feature my new work and a few words behind the images that I have made, also I want to digitize my older work, I have been shooting large format for the past 20 years or so and have quite a collection of images. Today I am featuring an image I made at Long Beach part of Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island, I made this photograph in September of 1988, on a warm sunny day, the tide was on its way out and the sun was breaking through early morning fog and clouds, it was also a time when there was hardly anyone on the beach, being after the summer tourist season was over. At the time printing this image in the darkroom was not the easiest of images to print, I had to hold back the foreground rock while printing down the high key areas on the water, also when I shot this I was not employing the Zone system which would have perhaps made for a bit better negative. I still use the Zone system today to calculate my exposures even though I am printing digitally.

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