Friday, February 16, 2007

The Bella Coola Valley

Here is an image of the Bella Coola valley that I made back in September of 1992 when I visited Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, as I recall there was a fair amount of rain when I was at the park and there were days when the sun broke through the dark clouds that made for some pretty dramatic lighting one one of those days I made this photograph from the side of the road over looking this fine wide valley.


Anonymous said...

Every image on this blog and youe web site is breathtaking.

sam moody said...

I spent my younger years in Bella Coola, in my teens I experienced the surreal splendor and overwhelming feeling of the mountains. I really did not understand this energy until I was in my early 50's, the spiritual presence brings joy to my heart and I know that I am home. I know the presence of my Ancestors still roam the valleys, calling me to be still and experience the beauty of all creation! In our Nuxalk tradition our breath (sininits) is loaned to us by our Creator - we utilize it with respect and so our breathtaking landscape we respect the healing it provides. Thank your for your web site!
sam moody

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks Sam for your thoughtful comments, nature is truly a gift given to us, which can bring both healing and spiritual refreshment.