Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dancing Clouds

This is an image that I shot a month or so ago on Pincushion Ridge, I had a particularly good evening on this occasion with thunder storms and beautiful dancing clouds that were moving all around me with such incredible form. I must say that I rarely make landscape pictures unless I have some nice clouds to work with, it ads so much drama and perspective to my images. Quite often when the skies are clear with no clouds people will mention how beautiful it is for photography, when its cloudy and they see me taking pictures they ask why I would want to make pictures on such a dull day. For me the silver lining really are in the clouds because of how they transform my images and give them a spiritual glow.


Anonymous said...

I just happened upon your site by pushing the "next blog" button, but your photos are beautiful. I really liked those clouds!

ilachina said...

Hi Gary,

Wonderful image! I know so well the "Gosh, why on earth on you taking a picture on such a dull day?" look your "cloud" shooting evokes ;-) As you've seen on my Blog recently, Hawaii is *nothing* if not a landscaper's dream; the sky/clouds there are spectacular (and make me long for them now that we're back in VA).

You have quite a repertoire, Gary!...great stuff.