Friday, May 19, 2006

Lake Agnes, Banff National Park

I made this image of Lake Agnes situated in the Canadian Rockies near world famous Lake Louise during on a cold September day in 1989. I had been camping at Kicking Horse camp ground for more than a week. Half way through my trip I had one miserable day of weather and the next day when I woke up in the morning I peered out my tent and could see the snow on the surrounding mountain peaks.

I knew there would be a good opportunity to make some nice mountain images with fresh snow if I could get up to the higher elevations as quickly as possible. I drove to the Lake Louise parking lot and headed off up the 3.5 km long trail to the tea house at Lake Agnes. When I arrived at the lake, I took one look at the scene, and saw one image which in my mind's eye seemed to stand out with three elements: the snow covered foreshore, the lake and the mountains in the distance, I quickly set up my view camera and was happy to make several exposures of such a beautiful scene. By the time that I finished making this picture the snow had started to melt but I will always treasure this image for the rest of my life.

Technical info: 4 x 5 Tachihara view camera, 120 mm Schneider Lens, T-Max 100 film.

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