Saturday, February 24, 2018

Going for Gold

I have been watching the Canadian Olympic athletes perform their best at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea these past two weeks. So far the medal count is up to 29 (11-Gold, 8-Silver, 10-Bronze). Thirty years ago the Olympic Winter Games were held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Canadians won a total of 5 medals (0-Gold, 2-Silver, 3-Bronze). One of the main reasons that Canadian athletes have improved so much after three decades is because they can train full time with full financial support behind them to reach their goals. For many Olympic athletes in this country thirty years ago, they often had to hold down a part-time or full-time job and find time to train on their off hours, but what if they were able to train full time and not have to work at another job to get better at their chosen passion? This proves that full-time training and financial backing can produce winners, or at least far exceed one's potential if one is not saddled with other responsibilities.

This is true for many artists too, as most need to find other ways to make money to support their chosen passion. Many artists have full-time or part-time jobs not even related to the artwork that they create. Everyone needs a roof over their head and food on the table and that cost money. In addition, an artist needs to create their work, which takes time and money depending on materials, equipment, and travel. If one is working at another job that takes time away from when he or she can be creating. If one is not working then he or she has the time to create but no money for material, equipment or travel not to mention the basics of shelter and food.

I have always worked at another job as a newspaper photographer although photo related and creative, it was different from the work that I produced on my days off and holidays, which was more art based with a wide range of subjects, mostly landscapes and nature. There was only so much time that I could devote to my fine art photography then I would have to go back to work at my "real" job. Its hard to make it into a win-win situation, in the end, I end up doing the best I can given the cards handed to me, hoping that I can devote my full-time energies to my artwork.

With a patron of the arts, or several patrons each contributing small amounts I can achieve my dream. Here is a link to my page for those that may wish to contribute to my dream. Thank you.

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