Monday, June 26, 2017

iPhone 6s holder

Here is one of my ideas that I came up with for holding my iPhone 6s. A while back I received this phone from a family member and thought it was a bit awkward while taking photos as I found myself holding it with arms out stretched, sometimes difficult to keep the camera steady.

While rummaging through my wood shop I found a few pieces of exotic wood, cocobolo for the handle, yellow cedar for the slot part and purple heart for the end pieces purple with some decorative brass screws. To make the slot I used a very fine cut Japanese saw and cut it slightly smaller than I needed, then I used a wood rasp to carefully file out the slot, test fitting the the phone each time so it fit with a snug but not too loose or too tight of a fit.

The handle and the top part un-screws with a 1/4" standard thread so the top grip part can be attached to a tripod. I like using it, adds lots of support for making pictures and shooting video. I am going to look for a remote shutter release that is compatible with my iPhone 6s.

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