Saturday, July 19, 2014

Featured Artist: David Jonason

From time to time I like to feature the work of other artists, today's work is by painter David Jonason, for more of David's work go to his Facebook fan page:
David Jonason — An Overview 

 At once familiar and stunningly original, David Jonason’s oil paintings of the American Southwest allow the viewer to experience the environment of the west in an electrifyingly fresh, new way. 

 His compositions are built on a “visual vocabulary” as he depicts rocks, mountains, trees, clouds, and skies in stylized geometric shapes that “fuse cubism with realism.” He dynamically combines these iconic forms with a carefully chosen palette of richly saturated colors he compares to the cast of characters in a play. The results are scenes that vibrate with very essence of the artist’s subject. 

 The combination of artistry and skills necessary to achieve such effects is the result of a long career in the arts that, surprisingly, saw Jonason turn to fine-art painting full time only as recently as 2003. Before then, he excelled at a range of other creative pursuits, including photography, textile and wall covering design, advertising illustration and graphic design, and a decade of work as the creator of on-screen graphics for the nightly national television news broadcast on ABC. 

 David Jonason draws on that experience to inform his work. He brings to each painting a scholarly understanding of the masters who have come before him, including a long-held admiration for the European pioneers of cubism, modernism, and Art Deco, and for the trailblazers of the Taos School in the 1920s and 1930s. His passion for the Southwest emanates from every canvas he paints, creating the sensation that a mere rectangle of wood, linen, and oils can barely contain the creative energy bursting forth.


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