Saturday, March 15, 2014

New and Updated Website

Its that time of year and once again I have updated my personal website with new photographs that I made in 2013 Plus there is my archive of work that goes back to 1985, I should mention that there are still quite a few years missing, mainly landscape images from 1997 to 2003, so I still have my work cut out for me in terms of scanning.

 Many of these photos have been featured here on my Facebook pages and my blog, some have not been. I made a number of significant changes to my site, including a refreshed look and the biggest being that I adding file numbers and year taken to each and every photo, this took me quite a lot of work to do, it makes it easier for viewers to identify a particular image, but sorry it is not searchable. I have broken my work into a number of categories these include; Landscapes, Still Life, Polaroids, Nudes, and Portraits.

 Landscape category comprises of work I have done from 1985 when I first started seriously shooting with the 4 x 5 view cameras up until the present, all nature based work. 

 Still life category is probably not the best name for these photographs, it includes a wide variety of work showing objects that are either man-made or woman-made sometimes within nature, some of subject matter in these photos are arranged some are as I have found them. Work featured from 1986 to 2013 most of it from 2002 to the present including my work at the Cowichan Bay Shipyard and other interesting places. 

 Polaroids category are Polaroid transfers that I made in the early 90's and some of the few colour images feature on this site, these were made with my 8 x 10 view camera, some of the images have been hand coloured with pencils or water colour paints. 

 Nudes category, this is what I would call fine art, work that I have done from 1999 to 2013, quite a lot of these images are nature based and for obvious reasons not featured on these pages.

 Portrait category, a few photographs of various interesting people including family and friends that I have met over the years, 1993 to 2013. 

 A little background about my site, I first put together my own website back in 2003, it has always been a 'home-made' website which I have tried to make look as professional as possible. I have made it using Photoshop, ( PS3 ) using layers, the type and the thumbnail pictures are then linked, for this application I used an even older program called ImageReady that came bundled with CS2 at one time, its a cool little program as it allows me to save a jpeg document as a html document. I have viewed my site on my iPod, seem to work okay, one has to zoom in in the linked titles then tap including the thumbnail images. If you are working from a desktop computer, to see a full size image, move the pointer of your mouse over the thumbnail, the titles such as "photographs" and "Information" are all clickable. Thats about it, I guess not a lot of people use website these days, as it seems to have gone mostly to Facebook and the like which is fine, but a website is still nice to showcase my over all body of work, which is by no means complete.

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