Saturday, January 11, 2014

Razu Welding #273

Razu Welding, Sooke, BC, Canada, June, 2013.


Howard Grill said...

Haven't visited in too long. These photos of the welding 'factory' are haunting. Was there a post explaining the location and project? Really beautiful photos.

Howard Grill said...

It has been too long since I have visited. The images of the welding location are beautiful and haunting!

Gary Nylander said...

Hello Howard,
No, I never did have a post to explain the Razu Welding shop project.Perhaps I should have written a post to explain the location and project, Razu Welding is a machine shop, still very much in operation located in Sooke, BC on Vancouver Island, Canada. I discovered it by driving by and seeing the large shop doors open and stopped in and talked to the owner and asked if I could photograph, he agreed , so I made a series of pictures. I had several photo sessions at Razu Welding, a couple days in this past June and again this past October. Razu Welding is a really interesting place, nothing is computerized, all old school kind of manual machinery, the building is quite old and sits of the site of Sooke's first black smith shop so I have been told.