Sunday, July 21, 2013

Featured Artist: Giovanni Longo

I came across this interesting art work ( via twitter  ) by Italian artist, Giovanni Longo,  his skeleton series is made from found pieces of driftwood, to see more of Giovanni's work: 

 Giovanni Longo | Bio

 Giovanni Longo (Locri, 1985), graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria, has been experimenting multiple art languages for several years searching for different solutions able to describe the contemporary precariousness at the best. From 2005 his attention is basically focused on reclaimed wood with which, creating a bond between the osseous and the ligneous elements, he represents symbolic skeletons weakened by time. His work does not put over space but on the contrary dialogues with it through “site specific” installations. Longo also develops the techniques of drawing, photography and video shooting, always trying to simplify what today gets complicated without a reason.

  Apart from the expressive mean this young fervid artist decides to choose, we definitely can say that Contingency is the dimension he tenaciously pursue as a working method. This is distinctly shown by the recovering of wood and it is even more evident in his recent video-installations realized through the language of Java programming, and also in the peculiar set ups built in ambiguous places such as lifts, bridges or in other “transit” fields. Whatever may come out, everything is thought to re-order the elements and the concepts which slowly appears to the eye of the observer.

  In 2009/2010 his works have been selected among different International Art Awards: Arte Mondadori, Arte Laguna, Combat, Premio Celeste, where he wins the first place in a row in the category: “Sculpture”/ e-voting. In 2011 he is in residence at the 54^ Biennale of Venice with an artwork showed at the Pavilion Italia/Accademie. In 2012 he participated in “Eurasia Wings Workshop” located in M50 district of Shanghai, where he has the opportunity to experience the accuracy and the aesthetic neatness of Chinese culture, much in contrast with the tumultuous chaos of the metropolis. He presently lives and works in Reggio Calabria district.

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