Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Featured Poet: Celeste Snowber

           Long Beach, Vancouver Island 1990

Today's feature is by poet, Celeste Snowber, I have paired her poem with 
one of my images from Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. 
"Ocean Lover" is the name of a book that is yet to be published 
featuring my black and white Canadian west coast images along with Celeste's wonderful poems.

Celeste Snowber, Ph.D.  is a dancer, writer and educator, who is an Associate Professor in Arts Education in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, outside Vancouver, B.C., Canada.   She has written numerous essays and poetry in various journals and chapters in books in the areas of the arts and is author of Embodied Prayer and co-author of Landscapes in Aesthetic Education. To find out more about Celeste and her work go to her website:

Random beauty

Breath stops
in the rush of wind
strolling creation’s canvas
rugged coast in fall light

I expand in the swirl
of a lover’s arms
lean in the face of sky
you sweep remnants of beach life

Black stones, smoothened shapes
darkened ovals, misshapen hearts,
circles half broken, feathers cut,
wood split, pebbles scattered,
shells: blue, beige and brown,
ropes of amber seaweed
sculpted  icons into
nature’s visual feast
placing of a  skilled artist
you perch kelp installation
in the elbow of sand

Designs of intertidal art
catalogued on the feet of sea
intricate curves and patterns
of random beauty.

Celeste Snowber

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