Sunday, February 17, 2013

Featured Artist: Mary Creasser

Winter Scene, 1980's 

 This is a painting that my late grandmother, Mary Creaser ( 1908 - 2002 ) created when she was in her mid-seventies. She didn't start painting till she was 70 years-old after taking a course at the local senior citizens centre. My grandmother, whom we affectionately called "Grams" raised seven children along with her late husband, Harry in picturesque Metchosin area of Vancouver Island. According to my mother,  my grandmother also had a pretty good singing voice too. 

 **From time to time I will feature artists, photographers and poet's work that I like or have crossed paths with.**


Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

What a great tribute to our Grams. Thanks for posting this, she was a wonderful grandmother, and I know we both have a lot of happy times with her and Papa. Your brother Rob.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks Rob, I think Grams would ahve had quite the chuckle on seeing this!