Thursday, January 31, 2013

Devonian Park #350

Devonian Park, Metchosin, BC, Vancouver Island, October 2012

Starting with this image Devonian Park #350, my next series of pictures I will be sharing are from my October 2012 trip to Vancouver Island, Canada. This is one of the last images I took with my old 120mm Schneider large format lens that I bought in 1986 ( my main lens I use ) , the lens simply seized up....lesson I learned...don't ever try to take a lens apart!, I'm not a camera repair person ( lol ) .....luckily I found another used 120mm lens at Camera Traders in downtown Victoria BC.


Anonymous said...

I have just found your Blog; I would like to say that you have some excellent work here.
I agree that film has that extra something: maybe the versatility with paper and developer.
I still use my F2(SB)and even though here in Oman the materials are no longer available, I prefer using film for most of my own photography.
Buy lots of stuff on visits back to UK!


Gary Nylander said...


Thanks very much for your comments about my work on my blog, and I hope that you can continue to find film for your F2, I had a few of those cameras through out my career, they are built like tanks. I do think there is something special with film, as I especially like shooting with my view cameras.