Monday, January 02, 2012

The Lost Roll of Kodak Film

Yes, I actually lost a roll of 35mm film while out photographing recently. Its not often that I have lost a roll of exposed film in all my years of shooting pictures. On the last day of 2011 I decided that I would go for a walk at Devonian Regional Park nestled amongst the picturesque farmland in Metchosin, BC. I was testing out my newly refurbished 1936 Leica III which uses 35mm film. I finished shooting the last couple of frames of some T-Max 400 film, then switched to a roll of T-Max 100 film, which is what I ended up losing. I shot mostly scenics, oak trees and the beach where the park trail exits onto Taylor beach. After finishing the T-Max 100 film, I had inadvertently put the 100 ISO film into the 400 ISO plastic film canister, it was at this point as I walked along the gravelly and seaweed strewn beach that the 100 ISO film ( without the plastic canister ) somehow slipped out of my hands and I presume landed somewhere on the beach, I couldn't have walked more than 20 feet before I realized that the roll of film was missing and no longer in my right hand, I though it must be somewhere just just behind me, so I retraced my steps and do you think that I could find it ? not a chance, its as if a hole opened up in the ground just as the film was falling from my hand and down it went, into the hole, never to be seen again.

Now you are probably thinking while reading this, what a boring post, who shoots film these days anyways ?, here is some photographer, not very well organized , I might add, that lost a roll of film, big deal. I did learn something from this rather amusing episode, aside from keeping a tighter grip on my film in the future, and that is I went back on two different occasions to see if the film might have "popped" back up somewhere along the beach, nothing, nada, gone, vanished. Each time I went back I took my camera , the second time my 4 x 5 view camera, it was a really a reason for me to go back and have a better look at the park under the premise to look for my "film", I also wanted to see what else was there beside a roll of film. Although I may have lost a roll of film, which after all was just a bunch of "test shots" nothing really significant to begin with, I did find something else, and that was a few "lost" pictures which I might not have seen had I not gone back to visit the park.

The picture posted is from my Fuji X10 which I used as a light meter while out with the Leica III, the oak trees are near Taylor Beach, a image similar to this was on the 35mm film.

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