Sunday, August 07, 2011

Upper Joffre Lake

I finally made it up to upper Joffre Lake, one of three lakes in a chain which is part of Joffre Lakes Provincial Park in the south western section of British Columbia, Canada. Last year I visited this area in July, but it was very hot weather so I didn't end up doing the hike, this year I recreated the trip, this past July, weather was cooler and a few clouds, so I struck out on the 5.5 km long trail with my camera gear on my back. I would describe the trail as quite difficult, a scramble over large boulder field, then it gets quite steep climbing up over tree roots and oh yes lots of mud, but the challenge is worth it, upper Joffre Lake is very beautiful, I shot this image with my Ebony 4 x 5 and a 120mm Schneider lens.

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