Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Barren Lands

British Columbia, Canada's most western province is a varied topography, in terms of the lay of the land, it features stunning high mountain peaks to the blue Pacific ocean. I love living here and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to make photographs which is my expression of art. One of the places I like to escape to on my days off is the White Lake area, south of Penticton, about a one hour drive from my home. At first glance it's a rather desolate barren kind of landscape, with only a few trees scattered here and there amongst the sage brush. The smell of the sage and the feeling of openness is so captivating which refreshes the soul, when hiking in this area from the higher elevations I can gaze upon the open spaces as the sky meets the land and fuses into one, with it's varied moods, its not that big of an area, only a few square kilometres but for me I can dream big.

I will likely post a few more images from this area, this one posted was made on an outing back In August of this year, the clouds were beautiful, I shot 30 sheets of film that day and could have shot twice that many.


Chuck Kimmerle said...

Very nice, Gary. Very nice.

30 sheets of film? That's like the LF equivalent of standing on the motor drive.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks, Chuck, yes that was quite a lot of LF fim to shoot in a day, 30 sheets, like standing on the motor drive, but when the gittin is good, I fire off as many as I can, because the next time out I may only shoot less than half that. I have ended up scanning about 22 of those images shot that day, I will post a few more.