Saturday, May 01, 2010


I have always admired the beautiful photography of Ansel Adams, many photographers including myself would have loved to be in his shoes when the time came to click the shutter during many of his iconic images. What I also admire about Ansel Adams is his passion for the environment through his camera lens and also most of his most endearing images were taken not far from his home. For my work, I would too would like to find that same passion that Mr. Adams had for the environment, for me its right here in Canada. I feel that I have a this fantastic resource of incredible scenery right here in my backyard, scenery that would be the envy of many people around the world. What I hope to strive for and show in my own photographs, is to be passionate about my country, Canada and its natural beauty and to be able to have the creativity to see beyond the ordinary in the nature that surrounds me.

The above picture was taken on Saturna Island with my 4 x 5 Tachihara View camera, with a 120mm lens, the picture is of sand stone formations that are found on many of the gulf Islands in the southern waters around Vancouver Island.

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