Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Why build a road that…..

……. erases itself, even from the relief of remembrance otherwise afforded by rearview confirmation? Everyone else clamours for my attention and so should these roads. How can I know I exist when design wills me not to notice? Why do you exist if I can remember nothing but traffic lights and white billboard incisors the size of the Uhaul trailers that mark the end of months?" ( Copyright © 2010 Colin Snowsell from the book, "The Frollett Homestead" )

These old car parts and bike frame may not seem all that interesting at first, I find that there is a beauty in these old car parts , I made the image with my 4 x 5 film camera and a 120mm lens.

To read more about the book, The Frollett Homestead and the local launch parties click "HERE".

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