Saturday, April 17, 2010

"The road to the Frollett homestead….

……is one of those overgrown underused wisps of gravel that presents itself so quickly you’re never sure whether it existed only in your imagination.One curve around every gentle bend an exit opens and then is gone, a message subliminally flashed across a wartime movie screen by unscrupulous propagandists. Commuters seem to recall passing scores of them daily but can never remember where. The uncertainty of their existence unsettles. Why build a road that erases itself, even from the relief of remembrance otherwise afforded by rearview confirmation? " ( Copyright © 2010 Colin Snowsell from the book, "The Frollett Homestead" )

I found these old mailboxes interesting to photograph, especially now a days with most people using email or some other electronic forms to communicate like twitter, the image was taken with a Tachihara 4 x 5 view camera, ( film ) and a 120mm lens.

To read more about the book, The Frollett Homestead and the local launch parties click "HERE".

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Howard Grill said...

Those old overgrown mailboxes really give one a nostalgic feeling. Beautiful