Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Vancouver's Great Snowfall of 08'

About right now, organizers and participants of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are hoping for snow, but maybe not quite like this posted image which shows a view looking down on the intersection of Bute and Alberni streets which caused traffic mayhem in many parts of Vancouver back in December of 2008. Unfortunately this year has been an El Nino year, which means mild temperatures and lots of rain even on the mountain tops which normally have a beautiful mantle of snow that adds a sliver-like crown to the North Shore Mountains which back drop the Vancouver skyline. For those viewers that might be reading this from different parts of the globe, the Vancouver area is often known as the "Wet-coast" but it does get the occasional snow storm, which means lots of snow in the mountains that surround Vancouver including Cyprus and Whistler where many of the 2010 Winter Olympic venues are located, when there's lots of snow it means lots of happy skiers and outdoor enthusiasts but with no practical way to control Mother Nature and tell her what to do, one can only take what comes our way and make the best of what we have, so THINK SNOW !

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