Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Zen Like Wharf

This old derelict wharf is located out in Sooke, B.C. on Southern Vancouver Island, I made the picture on a quiet October morning a few weeks ago as the slowly rising tide crept into Sooke Basin, the reflections of the old wharf posts added to the tranquility of the scene making for a zen like image if it could be described as such. The image on my ground glass of my view camera really captured my attention and imagination as I composed the image as I played around with different compositions. I was on a day long road/hiking trip to the Port Renfrew area to photograph what ever I saw as being interesting, when I drove through Sooke, I noticed this most beautiful morning light as I drove the Westcoast Highway, I knew that the Sooke Harbour was not to far off the road so I headed in that direction and notice the old wharf, I had been there a number of times before over the years but I had never really noticed the old wharf that much, its amazing how light and water can dramatically change the appearance of a particular subject.

On a side note I made the picture with my new Ebony RW 45 view camera and a 270mm lens ( about 80mm eqv on 35mm ). I bought this camera back in the late spring of this year, previous to this I had been using a Tachihara 4 x 5 which I had owned and was well used for the past 17 years, it had served me well but had started to show signs of wear, and I felt it was time to upgrade my gear and also for some newly added inspiration, The Ebony is a fine camera and I have quite enjoyed using it and as I have become more familiar with it as time goes on, it will soon become second nature to my vision. I very much enjoy using the view camera, although I have added a better digital camera ( Nikon D90 ) to shoot with for my personal work, its not the as inspiring as is the view camera and for the time being I still use my view camera as my main camera that inspires me to want to get out and photograph.


ilachina said...

Couldn't help notice while passing by (the shot really grabs attention)...what a lovely, lovely shot!

Gill Martin said...

very clean, excellent