Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Intertwined Trees

Here is another version of the intertwined trees of my previous print of the month post, I had seen and even photographed these trees on other visits to Witty's Lagoon Regional Park on Vancouver Island, I thought they were so unusual and loved the fact that they one was wrapped around the other. This is a pretty little spot in the heart of rural Metchosin, as a boy I lived a little more than a stone's throw from the entrance of this park, on Metchoisn road, of course back then there was not park , just a long set of steep stairs at the end of Witty's Lagoon road which are still there. I photographed these trees back in April of this year in late afternoon light, a 120 mm lens mounted on my late Tachihara view camera camera.


Markus Spring said...

Gary, for me the portrait format is the more convincing variation.
That rotation in the stem is really interesting and much better visible here.
Maybe the portrait composition is the more straightforward one and it could become less interesting over time when you live with the print... That would speak for the landscape format.
Both are fabulous pictures, without doubt.

Anonymous said...

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