Monday, February 02, 2009

The Keys of Creativity

There is nothing more challenging for an artist, whether you be a photographer, writer, painter, sculptor, musician, or what ever you may be, to be faced with what to create on that so called "blank page" metaphorically speaking. Often its just getting started with those first clicks of the shutter, writing those first few words, that first stroke of the brush, even if it doesn't seem like one is making much head way it can perhaps change the direction of the creative spirit.

Personally I always find it challenging to get started on a project, usually once I get into photographing a subject I seem to fall into my 'zone' and I find the making of pictures comes much easier, often I find what I had pre-visualized to be the 'photograph', gets changed along the way and the photograph doesn't turn out to be what I thought it would be. I have found that some of my most rewarding images are the ones I was never looking for in the first place, they seem to call out to me and find me, so I try to keep my ears tuned to that subtle voice in my mind that points out the unseen and which allows me to capture images that I feel compelled to photograph.

To be honest I don't think that there is any simple answers as to how to fill the 'blank page', the creative process can be many multi-layered and not unlike climbing a mountain, it may be a steep climb and some will find the ascent tough going, but its best to just take your time, catch your breath and take in the view around you, and above all have fun creating in your own unique way.

The image of this old church organ made in August of 2003 are long past it's playing days, but it made for an interesting photographic subject, the camera used to make the picture was a 4 x 5 Tachihara view camera with a 120mm lens.


Howard Grill said...

It really is a rather amazing phenomenon. Sometimes I will get into a creative rut and feel like I don't even want to go out and shoot...if I force myself I usually find that I can't 'see' anything and often end up not even taking pictures. Other times I feel I want to 'get out there' and I can go to the same places and see things to take pictures of all over the place, and wonder how I couldn't see them before. I think a lot of it is mind set before even going. I guess the big question, for the way my creativity seems to work, is how to get into that 'good' mindset.

Gary Nylander said...

Thanks, Howard for your thoughful comments, yes that is the challenge and mystery getting into the 'good' mindset, its there it just needs to be discovered !

eolake said...

A few of my best pictures I've made premeditated, but most came to me when I was just "in the flow".

eolake said...

I view photographing as "collaborating" with the world.