Friday, October 17, 2008

The Passing Storm

Here is a view of the Stanley Glacier area in Kootenay National Park, I had been hiking in the area with friends this past September, and a storm moved in, on the way back down the trail I turned to look at the incredible beauty behind me and saw this scene unfolding with the clouds lifting and drifting away, I quickly set up my 4 x 5 view camera as fast as I could and made this image with my 270mm lens.


Markus Spring said...

I guess the web is a poor medium for this image - I can only imagine the rich nuances and details on a large print. What I like here is that it lacks emphasis on drama that anyhow sometimes comes out a bit overdone. Understatement like here has my sympathy, it makes me feel I could be in this scenery.

Robert Koopmans said...

Beautiful Gary. Nicely done.

I'm stilll working on speeding up my big camera reflexes. Not sure I'm fast enough yet to catch moving cloud on mountain ranges.