Friday, April 25, 2008

Got Mail ?

There was a time if you lived out in the country that your mail was delivered to your very own mail box like the one above which was attached to a post stuck in the ground, at least its was like that in rural Canada. Then quite a number of years ago, Canada Post put in these "super" mail boxes where there is one big box with lots of little compartments for people to pick up their mail. I found this old relic overgrown amongst the brambles along with a few others lined up along a country road in East Keowna this past winter, I made the picture on 4 x 5 sheet film using a Tachihara view camera.


Loïc BROHARD said...

I am glad I found your blog via PhotoCommunity. I love your blog, the superb photos and the stories behind. Thanks for sharing, Loic Brohard

lolly said...

I bet the new Supermailbox doesn't have the charm of the older kind. We still have many roadside mailbox groupings in rural Victoria, as well as those that have been turned into something else entirely, quite humorous really. Shows people's creativity and humour, in isolation.

bob wong said...

Those rural mail boxes are designed as practice targets for young boys in pickup trucks with baseball bats.