Monday, October 15, 2007

The East Point of Saturna Island

This is an image I made while visiting Saturna Island in October of 2005, the photograph was made at East Point Regional Park which features the a lighthouse built in 1888. I have always enjoyed exploring these gulf islands as the sandstone formations make for interesting artistic interpretations and no two are the same. The image was made with my 4 x 5 view camera and 270mm lens.


ilachina said...

Gary, you have a gift for beautifully incorporating *shadows* into the essence of a scene; where the shadows almost attain a corporeal existence of their own. Its impossible to convey what I mean in a few lines, of course; while all skilled landscapes photographers "incorporate the shadow", of course, what I'm seeing in a lot of your shots somehow goes beyond that. The shadows take on a "substance" that then aesthetically builds on what is "really" there. Hope that makes sense;-) Beautiful image, as always.

janina said...

I like this one, gary! Strong yet ethereal, with the stone looking almost ice-like the way the light strikes it. Excellent composition!