Friday, May 25, 2007

The Pieces all Fit

Often when looking at someone's project under construction whether it be ant artist with a half finished painting, or a wood worker with various pieces of wood or this photograph of my uncle's work bench in his shop in Metchosin , BC, looking at the jumble of metal pieces and bolts, I wonder what are all these pieces for and how do they all fit together ?, to me they make no sense, but to my uncle he knows exactly what piece is what and where it goes. Its often like that when I am photographing, especially if I am trying to explain to someone who will invariably ask when I have my camera set up at some odd location and pointing at a seemly uninteresting subject, they will ask what the heck are you photographing ?, I try to explain, but words do not convey what visual images are going through my mind. All I can say is that the pieces all fit and I know exactly where they go. The image featured was taken with my 4 x 5 Tachihara view camera, 120mm lens, Kodak Tri-x film, I think the exposure was around one second at f22.

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