Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Watered Down View

Here is another one of my Polaroid Image Transfers that I made in the early 90's this time the surface of the image was further enhanced using watercolor paints, the man in the photo is my Dad who was very accommodating to my request that he wear his rain jacket and peer through binoculars while at Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Park. I used my 8 x 10 Tachihara view camera with a 300 mm lens and Polaroid type 809 film to record the image, the negative was transferred on to fine art paper which I think was BFK Rives.


chuck kimmerle said...

Great image. Love the hand coloring. Pretty lucky to have a rain slicker along for the ride, eh?

janina said...

Very it! ;~}

Gary Nylander said...


Thanks very much, not a problem finding a rain slicker on the 'wet coast' !


Thanks, I was hoping the painterly effect !