Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Contemplative Mood

There is more discussion over at Musings on Photography about contemplation, for me its not about what camera I'm using, whether it be film or digital, a view camera or a smaller hand held camera, it wouldn't matter if all I had was a sketch pad and a pencil or nothing at all to record my environment, there are times when I take no camera and just take pictures in my mind, I can enjoy my scenic surroundings for what they are and be in a contemplative mood. Sometimes I like to close my eyes for a minute or two and open them and upon doing so the world is transformed into an incredible array of colors. Contemplation is hard to define its like trying to explain love, its a state of being you know what it is, when you experience it.

The above picture was taken at Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, Canada, September 1989, 4 x 5 view camera, 120mm lens.


Lori Witzel said...

A transportive image, and a transportive post.

"...there are times when I take no camera and just take pictures in my mind..."

Yes, there's that, always.

Isn't it lovely to be able to hold the ephemeral light and moment in something as ephemeral as our mind/heart/eye/soul?

The camera simply makes it easier to share the souvenirs.

Gary Nylander said...


There are times when no photograph can capture the scene before me, I have to rely on the image in my mind, anything I could photograph would pale in comparison. What I find truly amazing about looking at really fine photographs from great photographers such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Henri Cartier Bresson and many others is that they make me feel like I was there even though though I have never visited the place hat they photographed.

pEDRO said...