Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Kettle Valley Railway

I made this image of the Kettle Valley Railway in the Myra Canyon above Kelowna, B.C. back in the summer of 1987, this trestle and about a dozen others like it were burned in a massive forest fire that tore through the area in the summer of 2003. I had orginally envisioned the image in my mind's eye on a previous scouting trip/hiking trip the year before, I returned with my 4 x 5 view camera, there was a spot off the edge of the trestle just big enough to set up my camera, I wanted to use the lines of the trestle as if pointing to the canyon beyond, the clouds were great, but my exposure was off. The digital scan presented here is greatly improved over the darkroom made print, as I could not bring out the clouds in the print.

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Roger L. Hein said...

I love the layering of elements in this image - wonderful!